Carol Rogers MBE

Carol Rogers leads the multi-award-winning House of Memories, a flagship dementia awareness programme for National Museums Liverpool.
House of Memories is making a difference to people living with dementia, their carers, families and communities. By 2019 more than 60,000 people had benefited from the programme, which continues to expand across the UK and globally in USA and South East Asia.
In January 2015, Carol was acknowledged by HRH Queen Elizabeth II and awarded an MBE (Member of The British Empire), for her role leading House of Memories.
Carol has developed a notable career at National Museums Liverpool. Her profile is well known across the North West of England and she maintains an extensive national and international network of education, museum, health and social care partnerships. Her work is recognised for its creativity, innovation and enterprise; successfully connecting cross-sector organisations and resources.
Carol is noted in the UK museum sector for her creativity, passion and commitment to enable inclusive museum education and participation, for everyone.