Danny Gibson

With more than 24 years’ health consultancy experience, Danny has advised on a wide range of healthcare projects across the UK, the Middle East and Africa. Through his extensive background and expertise, he helps clients navigate the often complex journey of developing a considered model of care to determining the most appropriate design.

Danny is an advocate of an evidence-based approach to healthcare facility design. An active contributor to clinical and medical technology research programmes, he has a keen passion for future proofing healthcare systems and buildings and enables them to respond to emerging trends in clinical best practice and medical technologies.

Danny’s areas of expertise spreads the continuum of a healthcare project lifecycle, from facility master planning, activity analysis and modelling, design brief and business case development, operational policies and medical technology planning and clinical futures through to equipment and technology procurement, installation and building commissioning.

Danny seeks to achieve design excellence, cost certainty and predictability of project delivery throughout the project life-cycle, and provides strong leadership to achieve a successful completion and handover.