Deborah Wingler

Dr. Deborah Wingler’s research focuses on improving the patient and staff experience through research studies that utilize real-time data collection techniques to elicit insight into patient and staff physiological, psychological and neural responses to high stress healthcare environments. As Vice President and Health Research Lead for HKS, Deborah collaborates with research and design teams to develop and implement research initiatives that drive innovation and achieve a measurable impact across the healthcare practice globally. Through her research, Deborah has had the opportunity to work with some of the most forward-thinking healthcare organizations, manufacturers, and design firms in the industry to support their respective research agendas. Both in practice and academia, her research has focused on the integration of research into the design process at varying scales, from the development of emerging models of care through multi-year capital projects, to the development of tools to support evidence –based design decisions, and the design of products and platforms to support the delivery of care.