Dr Lucio Naccarella, PhD

Dr Lucio Naccarella, PhD is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Health Policy at The University of Melbourne. He is a leading health systems researcher and evaluator, with interests in systems change, health literate healthcare systems, aged care workforce, and workspace environmental design evaluation.

Lucio largely focusses on four key areas: 1) Building evaluation capability within public sector organisations; 2) Evaluating health workforce models of care and development; 3) Evaluating population health, health literacy and community based professional development initiatives; and 4) Researching health care facilities (aged care, acute care) environmental design to optimise the health care workforce.

Lucio’s experience includes: providing input at a policy level; reviewing evidence to inform policy decision making; evaluating national and state level initiatives aimed optimising population health outcomes, building evaluation capability within diverse organisations and networks; and supporting the healthcare workforce from a health care system design lens.