Marte Lauvsnes

Marte is manager for advisory department for hospital planning and two project departments in Sykehusbygg, the Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency. She is appointed as a new Chair in European Health Property Network (EuHPN) for the period 2019-2021

Previously, Marte was a hospital planner and research manager for the hospital planner group at SINTEF Health Research, part of the SINTEF Group – the largest independent research institution in Scandinavia.

Trained as an intensive-care nurse, Marte has continued her education in management, economics, pedagogic and research methods. After 18 years working as a nurse, and as head nurse in a rheumatology unit (Europe’s first Planetree unit), she became hospital planner at RIT 2000, working on St Olav’s Hospital – a new university hospital in Trondheim. After five years, she moved on to be a hospital planner at Medivi and, later, at SINTEF.

During her 17 years in hospital planning, Marte has largely worked on projects for the hospital regions and health directorate, in both strategic and detailed planning. This work has mostly involved activity analysis and forecasting, programming, area planning, and evaluation of physical solutions in the context of patient experiences, safety, staffing, flexibility and medical innovation. She has also been working on the development of methodology and tools for hospital planning.

In addition to Norwegian projects, Marte also worked on planning projects in Denmark, Latvia and India, and has a broad network of hospital planners internationally.