Rhonda Kerr

Rhonda Kerr has more than 35 years’ experience in health economics, health service and facilities planning. She has held senior roles with Australian Governments and advised public and private health care in Australasia and Asia. Rhonda was appointed the Director, Economics, Health Services and Planning, Guidelines and Economists Network International (GENI) in April 2016.

Rhonda has been involved in over 40 hospital and health service development projects. Her work has been referenced in major national health reviews. At Curtin University, she has evaluated capital funding systems in 18 OECD countries for efficiency, fiscal sustainability, delivery of clinical standards, and responsiveness to clinical improvements and patient demand. Her research has identified and costed the capital needed to facilitate contemporary, guidelines-based care for 36% of Australian patients. The model she has developed links capital to the patient, the procedure and the outcome with lower costs than traditional depreciation-based models of capital funding.

She is committed to building better hospitals through effective capital funding systems that facilitate patient access to efficient care.