Riitta Pikkuhookana

Riitta Pikkuhookana (1983) is a Finnish Interior Architect who is driven by the desire to impact well-being through design and architecture. Her curiosity and willingness to learn inspires Pikkuhookana to find new solutions to the most challenging surroundings and circumstances. She has studied in Finland, Turkey and Italy, and graduated as a Master of Interior Architecture and Design in 2014. Pikkuhookana has been working on different hospital design projects at Architect Group Reino Koivula, Inc for the past seven years. Her most recent projects have been The New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki and Women and Children’s Hospital in Turku, Finland. Both are unique buildings that reflect true care and love for nature and life. Riitta Pikkuhookana knows that carefully and creatively designed hospital environments help patients to better cope and recover. This is what makes her work meaningful and a true joy to her.