Susan Grant

A chartered architect, with over 25 years experience in design and delivery of healthcare properties. Susan supports Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorate, NHSScotland Boards and their partners by providing professional leadership and technical advice in all aspects of healthcare property development, capital planning and design. As Principal Architect she is the custodian of our property and design related NHSScotland facility guidance publications e.g. SHPNs, SHTMs.

In addition Susan directs the NHSScotland Design Assessment Process (NDAP) on behalf of Scottish Government. This provides NHSScotland infrastructure projects with an independent review and support from both Health Facilities Scotland and Architecture & Design Scotland. Thereby ensuring local decision making, but with national expertise where required. This process ensures that each project at briefing has bespoke quality and sustainability measures embedded; allowing these to be self-assessed, plus independently monitored at key design stages.