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INPRO EUROPE S.r.l. is based in Orvieto Italy this is where our Head Office for customer service, order processing and the manufacturing of FIRELINE fire barriers is located. Our sales teams are present in most European countries being controlled from our London Office by Jonathan Tomlin our European Sales Director.

Our mission at inpro is to help protect buildings and the people who use them we offer safe, durable and recyclable handrails, wall guards, corner guards, wall and door protection made of sustainable materials. A wide choice of colours and patterns to satisfy the different tastes and furnishings.

NEW! for this year inpro are delighted to bring to the European Healthcare Design congress a new and important product for Europe which was launched several years ago by our parent company inpro USA and has now become a fundamental consideration for all architects around the world when designing public building.

Inpro Fireline fire Barriers are expertly engineered to handle the building movement even in seismic conditions they are simple to install, meet the European fire standard EN1366-4 but the most important consideration is that FIRELINE will control the spread of smoke and flames which means people will have more time to evacuate and firefighters have more time to douse the flames this will help save lives and the total devastation of buildings.
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Jonathan Tomlin
Sales director
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Inpro Europe
Località Pronte Giulio, snc – I-05018 ORVIETO TR / Italy