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European Healthcare Design 2023

Visioning our future health system: Barriers and opportunities

By SALUS User Experience Team 07 Nov 2023 0

In this keynote talk, Jennifer Dixon explores the barriers and opportunities faced by our healthcare systems today and into the future. Using the UK as a case example, she addresses the question of how best to chart an intelligent path into the future by identifying the issues and conditions for progress that are applicable to many other countries.


Health systems are under pressure everywhere, whether they’re well-funded or not.

In many western industrialised countries, the last decade has been characterised by slower economic growth, the ageing of the population, increased burden of morbidity, a global labour shortage of health and care workers, and increasing need to address climate change. Looking forward over the next 30 years, these challenges are set to intensify.

But alongside these challenges are opportunities. In particular, the development of science and new technologies, not least the effective use of artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

If harnessed well, these hold significant promise to assess and help mitigate the risks of illness, diagnose and manage illness, curb the increasing need for health and care workers, and reduce our carbon emissions.

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