Chris Smith

An entrepreneur for more than 25 years, Christopher Smith has founded and served as CEO of multiple private equity real estate companies. Beginning in 1996 with the creation of American Property Global Partners through his founding of Allegiance Realty Corporation in 2004, these diverse companies have owned and managed in excess of 8 million square feet across multiple real estate spaces including office, hotel, industrial, residential and retail, with an aggregate asset value well in excess of $1 billion. For the past 15 years, Allegiance Realty Corporation has focused on acquiring and managing multi-tenanted office buildings throughout the United States and has successfully and consistently provided family offices, RIAs and high-net-worth individuals with compelling real estate investment alternatives to conventional investment vehicles.

Recognizing the burgeoning fragmentation in the healthcare industry as a critical and underappreciated challenge to the delivery of healthcare, Christopher Smith co-founded Maplewood Healthcare, LLC in 2013 and began his mission to partner with health systems, hospitals, medical groups and academic medical facilities to provide innovative long term real estate solutions based on the evolving demands of both users and providers. Maplewood Healthcare, LLC is a vertically integrated acquisition, development and management real estate platform committed to providing industry-best medical office buildings, ambulatory care centers, and ambulatory surgical centers as well as institutional-level management services upon completion of renovation/construction. In every step of the process, the mission of Maplewood Healthcare, LLC is to provide leading edge real estate solutions to healthcare providers and their stakeholders in order to empower them to deliver effective, innovative, efficient and personalized health care to their patients. As a founder of Maplewood Healthcare, LLC, Christopher Smith is responsible for leading the company’s vision and extraordinary growth, and plays a central, hands-on role in the company’s success.