Miquel Sanz

Born in Puig-reig (Barcelona), 1967.

Bachelor in Nursing from the University of Barcelona (UB) (1990). I also have MSc in Critical and Emergency Care, UB (2008) and a MS in Nursing of Medicine and Surgery, UB (1996).

For the past 15 years, I am the Nurse Coordinator in the Liver Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Clinic Hospital Barcelona and an Associate Professor, School of Medicine and Health Science of Barcelona.

Member of: Society of Critical Care Medicine, Spanish Nursing Association of Digestive Diseases and Spanish Society for Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety.

I have written 25 abstracts and papers sent to national and international congresses and I have published 10 articles in scientific journals. My current interests are the care of the critical digestive patient, especially how to humanize their stay in a hostile place such as the ICU.

Founder and director of a multi-professional MSc in Critical and Emergency Care for the UB.