Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Providing community and hospital care, Alder Hey is based in Liverpool and is the UK’s largest children’s NHS trust.

The new Alder Hey in the Park hospital opened in October 2015. The original hospital was built in 1914. Alder Hey was the first hospital to:
• test penicillin, saving a child from pneumonia in 1944;
• establish a neonatal unit in the UK;
• cure the UK’s most commonly encountered congenital heart defect;
• pioneer a range of splints and appliances, including the Thomas Splint;
• introduce ‘liquid glass’ to reduce infection; and
• gain accreditation for public health promotion from the World Health Organisation.

On the back of this pioneering work, Alder Hey has developed as:
• a centre of excellence for cancer, as well as spinal, heart and brain conditions;
• a Department of Health centre for head and face surgery;
• a centre of excellence for muscular dystrophy, and the first UK centre of excellence for childhood lupus;
• one of four national centres for childhood epilepsy surgery, a joint service with the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital;
• a designated children’s major trauma centre;
• a leading diagnostic centre, including intra-operative 3-T MRI scanning; and
• a centre for research, innovation and education, with the largest children’s trial population in the UK.
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Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust
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