Do you need to know what people think? Across 21 countries, ViewPoint technology is gaining feedback in efficient and innovative ways, including through:

• patient experience surveys;
• service quality feedback;
• employee engagement;
• post-occupancy evaluation;
• contract performance evidence;
• performance monitoring;
• event feedback; and
• many more applications worldwide.

ViewPoint feedback devices offer an invaluable opportunity to discover all you need to know about your performance. Our range of feedback solutions, including feedback terminals, tablets, online or text, are designed to capture high-quantity and quality responses. Responses are loaded on to a live dashboard in real time, accessible through a secure portal. Here you will see an overview of performance, with the functionality to drill down into the detail you need.

With this information at your fingertips, decisions can be made on any necessary changes or service improvements, in addition to evidencing results in presentations and reports.

ViewPoint: The smart solution for collecting and using feedback.
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