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Halton Group is the global technology leader in indoor air solutions for demanding spaces
We specialise in healthcare environments and provide safe and qualified environments for efficient patient and professional flow in Healthcare and Laboratory Industries
Our latest innovation – Halton Vita OR Space is now compliant with all UK and European Standards
We are passionate about indoor environments. We offer products, services and solutions that combine excellent indoor environment, safety and energy efficiency to customers who value people’s wellbeing.
We believe that everyone has the right to healthy indoor air.
• Halton Vita OR Space – A revolutionary Operating Theatre ventilation system that is suitable for ‘High Risk’ (UCV) Theatres and ‘Hybrid’ Theatres
• Halton Vita Patient – Specifically designed chilled beams and radiant panels for patient rooms and ward applications
• Halton Vita Iso – Accurate and adjustable control for Isolation Room
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Richard Brown
Key Account Manager – Health and Lab Segment
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